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In Cafayate, the heart of the Calchaquí Valleys, truly unique wines are made, with aromas and flavors that are a result of the incomparable characteristics of Cafayatean terroir. Here, each grape variety expresses itself in the terroir with great personality and, at the same time, it is the accurate expression of the place where it grows.

Arnaldo B

Launched in 1990, Arnaldo B. is the icon wine of Bodegas Etchart that was born as a tribute to the founder of the winery, created using the best grapes of Cafayate. Made with Malbec (60%) and Cabernet (30%) as base varieties, the remaining 10% of the blend varies year after year, depending on the harvest of Tannat, Syrah, Bonarda, Ancellotta and Petit Verdot grape varieties.

Elegant, complex and structured, this great blend is a wine that is at the level of Arnaldo Benito Etchart: a hero of the Argentine winemaking.

Arnaldo B

A deep violet-colored wine of great complexity, with aromas of spices and ripe fruit that are reminiscent of pepper, licorice […]

Cafayate Gran Linaje

The line of top-quality varietals of Bodegas Etchart combines a careful selection of vineyards and oak barrels with the expertise gained after 160 years making complex and sophisticated wines.

Presented in 2013, the series is composed of Cafayate Gran Linaje Malbec, Cabernet

Sauvignon, Torrontés and the sweet wine Torrontés Tardío. Both reds were aged for 10 months in French oak barrels and have a slight contribution of Tannat and Bonarda, what provides them with character and intensity in the mouth and nose. For their part, whites are made using the best plots of Cafayatean terroir. These are serious wines with volume, elegance and complexity.

Cafayate Gran Linaje Malbec

A perfect balance between red fruit and spice aromas with floral and smoked notes resulting from its ageing in oak […]

Cafayate Gran Linaje Cabernet Sauvignon

A modern red wine with the typical aromas of this variety: black and red fruit, green pepper and subtle notes […]

Cafayate Gran Linaje Torrontés

A fresh and elegant white wine with delicate aromas reminiscent of white flowers and stewed white fruits. It is smooth […]

Cafayate Gran Linaje Torrontés Cosecha Tardía

A sweet white of intense aromas which are reminiscent of white fruits jam, honey and floral notes. It is sweet […]

Cafayate Reserve

Since 2009, the Cafayate Reserve line has been seducing wine lovers with premium, balanced and distinguished wines as a result of vineyards implanted over 1,750 meters above the sea level. The red varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Syrah, are the accurate reflection of the Cafayatean terroir: they are intense, strong and mature. The whites, Chardonnay and Torrontés, stand out for their great aromatic complexity, structure and body while still being soft and velvety; these are high lineage wines.

Based in a philosophy that favors balance and elegance, alongside with the wood´s contribution, this range of varieties is the true representative of the Cafayatean terroir.

Cafayate Reserve Torrontés

An aromatic white wine that offers a fresh expression reminiscent of peach and apricot with smooth white flower notes, such […]

Cafayate Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

The loose and expressive aromas that are reminiscent of black fruit and peppers that are typical of this variety give […]

Cafayate Reserve Malbec

An intense violet red-colored wine, with ripe plum, raisins, sweet spice aromas and a toasted note of the oak. It […]


This line reflects the purest expression of the Calchaquí terroir through varieties that invites wine lovers to discover the Cafayate´s identity: its aromas, flavors and the touches provided to each grape variety.

It is a series of young and easy to drink wines that offers the typical characteristics of each grape and the unique and distinguishable character of the valley that gives its name to its varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Syrah, Torrontés, Chardonnay, Torrontés Tardío and Rosé. These are genuine, fruity and expressive wines, with the Cafayatean terroir´s signature.

Cafayate Rosé

A salmon-colored rosé of expressive aromas reminiscent of strawberries and raspberries, as well as subtle rose notes. It is lively, […]

Cafayate Torrontés Dulce Tardío

An intense white wine of expressive aromas that are reminiscent of ripe fruit, honey and citrus fruit jams. Its sweetness […]

Cafayate Torrontés

A white wine of great genuineness with aromas of ripe grapes, peach, lime and white flowers. It is fresh, fruity […]

Cafayate Chardonnay

A fresh and fruity white wine with highly loose and expressive pineapple, peach and melon notes. It is aromatic in […]

Cafayate Syrah

A red wine with spicy aromas, clove notes and a pleasant mineral aftertaste. It is intense in the palate, with […]

Cafayate Cabernet Sauvignon

It shows loose fruity aromas and violet notes with an aftertaste of pepper, which is typical of the region. It […]

Cafayate Malbec

A red wine with a marked expression, with red fruit aromas (plum, raisins) and subtle spicy notes. It is fruity, […]


Throughout Bodegas Etchart’s centennial history, our obsession with always providing the best quality was reflected in each of the lines and, to this day, it is one of the pillars in the philosophy that distinguishes our establishment around the world.

However, it is always important for quality to be legitimized and supported by international critics, specialized journalists, sommeliers and tasting panels in renowned competitions. For the past three decades, when wine competitions boomed, our wines began to reap awards all over the world. As of today, our lines have won over 500 awards, a fact that turns us into one of the most awarded wineries in Argentina.