Vinos Cafayate – About us

About us

The passion and work of men and women over the years played a key role in the construction of an exceptional winegrowing industry. In Bodegas Etchart, the vineyard and winery’s workers are strongly committed to the wines they make and each stage in the winemaking process...


The wine is the noblest and most genuine beverage, as it is obtained from the fermentation of the fruit of the vine. Bodegas Etchart’s winemaking team combines experience and youth in a balance manner, and monitors and takes thorough care of each stage involved to make whites and reds. The main goal is to always strengthen what the terroir and the grapes’ typicity can naturally provide, without being invasive during the winemaking process. Our winemaking team is composed of: Víctor Marcantoni, Juan Carlos Mosca, Carlos González y María Virginia Quarin Lombardi.

“The close relationship between the Saltenean wine and the Calchaquí Valleys’ landscapes, together with its resulting impact, turned Cafayate into an emblem of Argentina, in a unique-value, virtually mystical place. Every man and woman visiting this site can perceive the magic and charm surrounding it, but they also value its winegrowing industry, which expresses unique qualities with an identity that allows it to go beyond time”

Víctor Marcantoni
Winemaking and Vineyard Manager
Visctor has been working at Bodegas Etchart for more than 35 years, joining the establishment in 1982.

“Our wines experience steady growth in sales in the Argentine market, and they are known all over the world for their excellent quality-price ratio. After over two decades alongside Bodegas Etchart, when I look back I can smile with confidence that we have done things well and we will continue along the same path: of work, persistence and respect for our soil”

Juan Carlos Mosca
Head of Winemakers
Juan Carlos looks after and monitors each moment and transformation of the wine in the wine cellar personally.


“Cafayate was a pleasant surprise. I immediately fell in love with the landscape, the crystal-clear sky and the hills surrounding the vineyards. Professionally, I was captivated by three aspects: Bodegas Etchart’s working team, the so special expression of the varieties growing here and the icon Calchaquí variety, the Torrontés”

Carlos González
Second Winemaker at Bodegas Etchart
Carlos worked in different harvests in Napa Valley, United States, and came back to stay in the valley that enchanted him.

“Cafayate wins your love. Its landscapes, its climate, its soil and mainly its people make it a unique, healthy and even a magical place. Bodegas Etchart is a big family steeped in story and tradition, and I feel so proud to be part of it. All of this is reflected in our wines, which have a 100% valley soul.”

María Virginia Quarin Lombardi
Winemaker at Bodegas Etchart
María Virginia Quarin Lombardi joined the winemakers’ team in early 2016. She arrived looking for new challenges in a long-standing winery in Cafayate.

“Not only the soil-climate-water trinomial determines the site’s advantages, but also Cafayate’s inhabitants with their traditions, their culture, their passion for work and their way to get things done. The native flora and fauna. The story of the town, its landscapes, its colors, the surrounding, the charm of this place. All these elements turn Cafayate into a unique site”.

Jorge Romero
Agricultural Engineer at Bodegas Etchart
Jorge makes the most of the natural attributes of the terroir where the vineyards planted at the highest altitudes are born.

“When I talk about the winery, I become very emotional as this place gave me everything: My job, my house, my parents’ memories… living in Etchart with my family was the best thing that ever happened to me”

María González
La Escondida guesthouse’s housekeeper
Maria is the third generation of his family to work in the winery; her story is intertwined with Bodegas Etchart’s story.


Our winemaking process starts at the vineyards, as harvesting healthy and high-class grapes is essential to make significant reds and whites. Following the winter pruning, through which we can regulate the production of grapes that each plant will provide, the most important time of the year begins when the fruits reach the peak of ripeness: the harvest. Our agricultural team is made up of: Mariano Bustos, Ramiro Barbosa, Jorge Romero y Mauricio Pereyra.
“Apart from the technology and techniques applied, I know that I will never stop walking around the vineyard to know what the condition of plants is, what they need and what demands improvement. Major advances have been made, but in this innovation and perfection path, we must take into account that, wherever you are, there is still much to be done”

Mariano Bustos
Bodegas Etchart’s Country Manager
Mariano has been responsible for Bodegas Etchart’s vineyards for over three decades.

“Beyond the exceptional beauty of the landscape and the vineyards that are situated at uncommon latitude, there was something which particularly fascinated me about this place: the Cafayatean people and their close relationship with Etchart, or rather with La Florida vineyard, as our main vineyard is known here, where we can find the winery and most of our homes”

Ramiro Barbosa
Operations Manager of Bodegas Etchart
Ramiro joined the winery in 2004 as Agricultural Engineer; he is fully familiar with the process in which the wine is engaged, from the grape to the bottle, and he currently runs the establishment.