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Social Responsibility

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Pernod Ricard Argentina S.R.L., the Pernod Ricard Group and Cafayate brand prides itself on a long history focused on the notion of responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

This is shown through a wide range of initiatives often carried out together with many organizations, including industrial associations, regulatory bodies and/or representatives of public authorities.

Irresponsible consumption and inappropriate alcoholic beverages advertising can have negative personal, social and/or health consequences which is why the Pernod Ricard Group seeks to make consumers aware of its commitment to promote the notion of responsible consumption, promoting responsible drinking and preventing any communication released within the framework of its sites and/or social networks involves any comment, photo, video or other content that:

  1. Promotes excessive alcohol consumption;
  2. Shows drunk people;
  3. Presents abstinence in a negative light;
  4. It is aimed to minors, pregnant women or other risk groups, or encourages them to buy or consume alcoholic or illegal beverages.
  5. Relates to violent, discriminatory or illicit activities;
  6. Relates to energy drinks and/or drugs;
  7. Portrays in a positive light alcohol consumption prior to or simultaneously with driving motor vehicles, handling of industrial equipment, practicing high-risk sports or performing dangerous tasks, or using alcohol at work;
  8. Indicates that alcohol consumption may have therapeutic qualities, or that improves physical or mental performance, or that it contributes towards social or sexual success, or that it boosts self-confidence or helps facing personal conflicts;
  9. Encourages excessive consumption of alcohol, or condemns or criticizes those who choose not to drink alcohol;
  10. Relates to any type of illegal, dangerous, aggressive or anti-social behavior.

Pernod Ricard Group and its affiliates are deeply committed to discouraging the misuse of their products as they believe responsible drinking is consistent with the maintenance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and is consumed as such by the vast majority of consumers who choose to drink alcohol. If you believe this Site’s content or material violates the T&C, copyright or any regulation, please notify PR via email to

For further information on our commitment towards responsible drinking, please visit the following websites or or